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Friday, 7 August 2015

Cake Pops Maker For An Easy Cake Pops Making

Have you tried making cake pops? No? Well, maybe it´s time for you to try these yummy goodies for your kids parties or any parties you are planning to do. It´s one way of impressing some friends who think you can´t bake. You might think that baking cake pops is difficult to do. No, it is not. Using a cake pops maker, it´s easy.

Baked Cake Pops Ready To Be Coated

I used to make cake pops from my own cake recipe before I have bought this cake pops maker. Which means I had to bake the cake first or bought the "dry" cake before crumbling it and formed the crumbles into balls before decorating. 

Using a cake pops maker is easy as I only have to make the batter of the cake pops and fill the batter into the cake pop forms in a cake pop maker. The cake pops maker has a recipe booklet and some utensils like the plastic stands and the sticks needed for making the cake pops. Either you follow the recipe included in the box or you can use your own sponge cake batter. Either way is good.

Cake Pops Maker Filled With Batter

Here´s how I did: 

  1. I used the recipe included in the cake pops maker. I followed the procedure and made the batter.
  2. I brushed the cake pops maker holes with butter using a silicon brush.
  3. I filled the batter into the forms but not full. Just 3/4 full and baked the cake pop balls to ca. 10 minutes.
  4. From this recipe, I was able to make 40 pieces of balls (photo below).
  5. Then I heated the chocolate glaze I have bought for pasting the sticks into the cake pop balls. I dunk a stick (one by one) into the chocolate glaze and pasted it in cake pop ball.
  6. I put the cake pop balls with chocolate glazed sticks in the fridge for at least half an hour.
  7. After that, I frosted the cake pops and decorated them with dark and white chocolate sprinkles. 
  8. Then I let them dry on a cake pop stand. 
  9. As the cake pop balls were plenty, I only frosted what I needed. I froze the remaining balls in the freezer for      later use.

Cake Pops Pasted With Chocolate Glazed Sticks

Cake Pops Coated With Chocolate & Sprinkles


  • If you use your own sponge cake recipe, it´s okay.
  • You can use an egg box as a stand for your cake pops while decorating.
  • Freeze the cake pop balls if you have made plenty.
  • Just in case you don´t have cake pop sticks anymore, you can use mini cupcake papers.

Here´s a link to my cake pops recipe:

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  1. I've never made cake pops before, and never knew there was this amazing cake pop machine. Now you make look so easy. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. I was thinking before that only a few know about this amazing machine that is why I wrote about it. Thanks for your comment and for sharing this post Eugene. Have a wonderful weekend, too.

  2. I've thought about buying a cake pop maker before. I thought my son might like the pops. But frosing and decorating them seemed like too much work compared to cupcakes.

    1. Hi Nona! I think it is just the same amount of work using cake pop maker for cake pops when you decorate the baked cupcakes with chocolate frosting or so. Well, it depends on the amount you are making. Thanks for your comment. Have a great new week.

  3. You're so amazing for making this one! WOW!

    1. Thank you very much Shane. Enjoy your new week!