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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How to Make a Valentine´s Day Moisty Cake from a Ready Made Cake

Hello, everyone!

Have you ever made a festive cake from a ready-made cake? Well, this is the first time I have made one but not from a store-bought cake. 

Just imagine, this moist chocolate cake that I used, was one of the cakes I made for Christmas 2017. As I had baked this for unannounced guests, I stored this in the freezer until today. It was good that I remembered this frozen cake and so I thought to make Valentine´s Day cake dessert decorated with white chocolate couverture and coconut cream, as a sauce over the cake. It was and it is still delicious. How I wish I could give you a slice or two. Well, I will bring some slices at work tomorrow.

Here is how I made it:


  • 9 inches x 9 inches ready-made chocolate cake (thawed if frozen)
  • 200 g white chocolate couverture, chopped into small pieces
  • 50 to100 g coconut cream, it depends how thick you want this on your cake. (I used 100g as I wanted this to be like a chocolate sauce on a cake as you can see in the photos.)
  • roasted chopped hazelnuts and sprinkles for decoration
  • a heart cutter for forming a sprinkled heart in the middle of the cake

  1. Put the chocolate cake on a cake platter.
  2. Put the white chocolate couverture and the coconut cream in a pot. Melt them together in a medium heat.
  3. When the chocolate has melted, add the chocolate glaze on the cake. If you use 100 g of coconut cream, the chocolate is like a sauce over a cake.
  4. Decorate the cake with the hazelnuts and sprinkled heart. Of course, you can decorate this cake the way you want this to be.
  5. Enjoy your Valentine´s Day moist cake dessert.

The moist chocolate cake  (recipe on the link of my Minecraft cake) I baked last Christmas.

White chocolate couverture, chopped and unchopped.

White chocolate couverture.

Valentine´s Day Moisty Cake from a Ready Made Cake.

Thanks for reading my blog.Please feel free to comment, like and share this recipe to your social media sites. Ciao!

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it was heavenly Susan. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Yummy! I want a slice right now!

    1. How I wish I could give you a slice Angie. It was indeed yummy! I only know now that a frozen chocolate cake is more delicious than a freshly baked one. Very chocolatey. Thanks for your visit.

  3. What a good idea to mix in coconut cream I will have to try that when I make a am not a big cake maker but sometimes I do lol ..It looks lovely Thelma :)

    1. Yes, it was indeed Caz. I was thinking of the ingredients I could use when I am in the Philippines and thought of the abundant coconut fruits I have in my backyard. Double cream is expensive in my home country and so I thought of the coconut cream.Thanks for your visit and have a great weekend there in the sunny Thailand.