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Monday, 6 March 2017

How To Make Star Apple Smoothie

Star apple or Caimito  as we called it in the Philippines, is a healthy and delicious tropical fruit. Living here in  my home country for a few months, makes me enjoy different kinds of healthy fruits.

Caimito / Star apple is in season now and the price for a kilo is from 20 to 60 Pesos depending on how plenty is sold in the market. Yesterday, I  was able to buy  Caimito for only 20 Pesos a kilo in the farmers market. Farmers market is only during Sundays. It was already late in the morning and the seller was about to go home for lunch. Lucky me! I bought 2 kilos then and some I have eaten just how it was and some were made into smoothies.

                                                         Star apple / Caimito

INGREDIENTS : for 2-3 small glasses

4 Star apples / Caimitos

1 cup fresh milk
1/4 to 1/2 condensed milk

The inside fruit of the Star apple/ Caimito .


What you need :

  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board 
  • Smoothie maker or blender
  • Tablespoon for scooping the fruit

Let's  make the smoothie!

  1. Wash the star apples. Then cut them through.
  2. Scoop the fruits with the tablespoon and put them in a mixing bowl.
  3. Get rid of the black and not edible seeds.
  4. Put the juicy star apples in the smoothie maker or blender.
  5. Add the fresh milk and the condensed  milk.
  6. Blend the mixture and drink cold.


If you add more milk in it and ice cubes, you will be having a very delicious milk shake. As I said, serve it cold.

Here are some other smoothies for you to check and maybe  make as well.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment and share this recipe to your social media sites. Have a great day!

 Copyright 2017 by Thelma Alberts, All Rights Reserved


  1. This sounds SO good, I can just about taste it.

    1. Thank you very much Angie. Have a nice week.

  2. I agree with Angie, and it is also making me hungry for some right now.

    1. Thank you very much dellgirl. I have to make it again for my lunch or dinner this week. Looking at the photo makes me hungry, too.