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Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Chocolate Strawberry Cake Pops

Chocolate Strawberry Cake Pops made last Christmas 2014
As you might have known already, I am passionate about baking that I keep on creating and tweaking my own recipes and some food that I have tried somewhere in the restaurants or in a party. This Chocolate Strawberry Cake Pops recipe was created when I had a chocolate cake leftover from  my self baked chocolate sponge cake.

INGREDIENTS: 30-40 pieces
  • 1 small chocolate sponge cake or 4-5 cups of leftover cake
  • 4-6 tablespoons Strawberry marmalade
  • 35 or more lollipop sticks
  • ready made chocolate glaze (if you don´t have time to make  your own)
  • a styrophor box or egg box for sticking the cake pops
  • multicolored sprinkles for decorating the cake pops
  • chocolate shavings for decorations
  • brush


                                       1. Crumbled the chocolate cake.


           2. Mix the chocolate cake crumbles with strawberry marmalade very well.

                        3. The chocolate strawberry mixture will look like this above.

4. Roll a teaspoon (or more if you want to form a bigger one) of the mixture into a ball. When done, put the chocolate strawberry balls in the fridge for an hour or two.

5. After that, prepare the chocolate glaze (see below). Then dip one end of the lollipop stick in the glaze and insert it (just until the middle) in the chocolate strawberry ball, one after the other.

6. Insert the ready to glaze cake pops in a styropor, egg box or in a cake pop kit you can have when buying a cake pop machine.

7. When all the cake pops have their lollipop sticks inserted, start putting the chocolate glaze in them with the use of brush or a tablespoon. See to it  that the excess glaze will be gone and then decorate the cake pops by dipping each ball in the saucer with sprinkles or chocolates while the glaze is still wet. Let the chocolate strawberry cake pops stay in the fridge until you serve them.

Making Chocolate Glaze:
  • 100 gram Couverture, at least 70% dark chococlate
  • 50 gram double  cream
  • Vanilla, cinnamon or rum flavoring
  1. Cut the couverture in small pieces and melt with the double cream in low heat.
  2. Add the flavouring before getting it off from the fire.
  3. Keep stirring until melted and the glaze looks shiny and smooth.

I know, it sounds like a lot of work to make those goodies but as long as you enjoy making them, it does not matter. You can make them with your grandchildren and I am sure they will love decorating the cake pops. I have not put the hours I was making this as I always forgot but I will next time I do them. Enjoy making!!!

Copyright 2015 © Thelma Alberts, All Rights Reserved


  1. Chocolate and strawberry go together perfectly flavored! Since I'm soon to move back near my son and grandson, I just might be making these cake pops! Kids are a good excuse for sweetness recipes!

    1. Hi Ruth! It´s nice to see you again. Yes, you will be having a great fun doing these cake pops with your family especially with your grandson. I usually make these cake pops when my friends small children have birthdays. They loved these goodies. Thanks for your visit. Have a lovely week!

  2. These are just what I need to satisfy my sweet tooth!! I like your well written step by step and great pictures. Have a wonderful week :)

    1. I´m sure these cake pops will satisfy your sweet tooth Eugene. Thank you very much for your nice comment. Have a wonderful week, too.

  3. These look yummy. I was looking at stuff at Walmart the other day to make some cake pops. You make it sound easy.

    1. Hi Sandy! Yes, this is a delicious recipe. It is indeed easy to do it. You just need time. Thanks for your comment. Have a nice day!

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, they are yummy Nona. Thanks for your nice comment. Enjoy your day!

  5. Those look amazing! I love your posts since they include easy instructions and photos. That makes me want to buy a cake pop maker. You must be an excellent baker and cook.

    1. Hi Kim! It´s nice to see you here. No, I am not an excellent baker and cook. I just tried my best I can in baking and cooking. A cake pop maker is indeed good. Cake pops are delicious for giving to the kids during Halloweens Trick and Track. Thanks for your visit. Have a lovely new week ahead.

  6. Ah, something to do with all the crumbs left over from a crumbly gluten-free cake! Lovely!

    1. Lol! Yes, of course Priscilla. That would be great. Thanks for your visit. Have a great day!