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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How To Make Rambutan Watermelon Smoothie

Living in the Philippines for a few months time give me the opportunity  to eat a lot of tropical fruits and vegetables. Fruits like mango, pineapple, avocado, papaya, guava, pomelo and carambola or star fruit.

While I am here, I am enjoying the abundance of tropical fruits in season which I hardly buy when I am in Germany because it is so expensive for my wallet. So I just wait when I am back again in my home in the Philippines.

Las Sunday I went to the open air market and my eyes were blinded with lots of delicious fruits. I had to choose which one or else I would buy plenty of fruits which I could not actually consume. I only bought watermelon, rambutan and marang. Marang was not yet ripe enough to be eaten so I just used the watermelon and the rambutan for making smoothie. The weather was so hot and humid so I thought of making something to drink. I made this delicious and refreshing rambutan and watermelon smoothie.

You need 2 slices of this watermelon.

Ingredients for 3 to  4 glasses:

30 pieces of Rambutan
2 slices of watermelon
6 pieces of calamansi juice or 1 lemon juice
some ice cubes (optional)

Peeled rambutan. 

  1. Press the rambutan  open and get the white meat out from the skin.
  2. Get off the seed of the rambutan from the white meat and cut the meat into small pieces. Repeat it again until you have all the rambutan meat you need.
  3. Slice the watermelon meat  into cubes.
  4. Put the rambutan, watermelon and calamansi  juice in the blender or smoothie maker. Blend!
  5. Serve in a long glass or any kind of glasses you want with some ice cubes.
  6. Enjoy your smoothie. 
Watermelon cubes and rambutan slices.

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  1. This smoothie looks so delicious, I know my grandson would love it. He is a smoothie lover like no other. I'll have to tell my daughter about this recipe. Thanks for sharing this, it'll be different for Grandson.

    1. Yes, it is delicious and healthy. I hope you can find rambutan in your country dellgirl. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week.

  2. Sounds delicious...I've heard of rambutan but not seen it in the U.S.

    1. Thanks Priscila. Maybe you can find it in an Asian shop nearby in the U.S. where you live.

  3. Oh my, I bet that is yummy!! It sure looks good.

    1. Yes, it is delicious Sandy. Thanks for commenting. Enjoy your weekend.